Organizations have blind spots. Areas where things are going on but many are not sure why they are doing the things they are doing and without realizing it, that lack of knowledge of the “why” breeds confusion, discontent, anxiety, misunderstanding and misalignment.

My consulting approach is simple. I offer a window into those blind spots by shining the light on the areas that are dark. I come alongside your organization and help you discover what is truly going on within your walls. We start by identifying the right questions. Questions like:

  • What processes or procedures do you have in place whose origins are unknown?
  • Where are the strongest resistance points in your organizations?
  • When someone is new what is the most important thing they need to know about your organization?

As we discover the answers to these and many other questions we then gain a starting place for conversation around what kind of change is needed. We use the conversations as the springboard to the future of the organization by bringing consistent communication, clear understanding and cultivation of a healthy culture.

I would love to hear about the challenges you are facing in your organization. Contact me today to setup a time.


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